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Taunton - Black Caps v Afghanistan

Every cricket tragic should visit Taunton. This was worth getting up at 6am for and on the Black Caps tour list sits there with Durham as small towns that will host like Kings.  My accomodations at Blorenge House were spectacular. Picture staying in the country with a rich grandma in possession of staff and 20 bedrooms. Similarly you did not wish to hang around there in the high ceiling old house to talk to her that much but to dump your bag and immediately explore the area.  My room had a shower in it, literally in the room itself carpeted right to the door.  I was sadly woken the next morning to the subtle aroma of bacon sizzling downstairs for breakfast.  I say sadly as I then had to go down and try it.  As always with bacon it smelled a hell of a lot more fabulous than it tasted, the chewy over boiled under fried technique that perhaps Grandma would have employed. The town itself on a Saturday morning was stunning. Like my home town of Cambridge before it was infested wi