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Monaco - A Loss To 6 Foot 2 inches of Gravity

It’s every travellers worst nightmare to be injured on tour. At least when you do it, make sure it’s somewhere English speaking, your travelling companion(s) are competent tour organisers, the venue has accessible healthcare and it is capable of easily flying or worse case training out of.   Monaco tops the list therefore as one of the least most favourable places to be when you fall over and injure your ankle rendering you incapacitated. I could lie through my teeth and say it happened during the day time, while myself and everyone around me was completely sober, before we had gone out to dinner and a 6 foot 2 gorilla of a man hadn’t fallen on to me while I hadn’t been wearing the world’s least supportive shoes in the Allbirds to send me sideways right as we all didn’t laughed about this piss pot of an environmentally friendly car charging itself. But alas that would completely unbelievable wouldn’t it? The largest issue with parts of Monaco la

Reims - USA v Thailand v Emma Keeling

This column from Emma Keeling gives me the perfect interlude to discuss my trip to the Homelands Reims. While David Cohen gets to wax lyrically about his numerous trips to his Homelands, I don’t visit Reims often but it is important to get in touch with it occasionally.  The importance is to remind one's self, a bit like David and his religion, why Champagne indeed is so expensive and the struggle for it is real. When you are reacquainted with the process, time and labour involved in massaging the grapes into the bottle you appreciate again why it’s so damn pricey. You look bewildered at the many bottles lying in wait and transfix your eyes on one wondering if that will indeed end in a glass in front if you.  I had a bit of a research and planning fail as I arrived on a public holiday. This meant my desired virgin trip to Jacquesson was impossible as the boss is on extended holiday as was Jacquart that the generous Champagne Lady from Desperate Housewives promotes in