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Manchester - Black Caps v West Indies

We hobbled on to Manchester conscious again that the Black Caps needed and should have won this game against the often woeful sometimes brilliant West Indies. Basically the rule of thumb is The Universe Boss Chris Gayle goes out you’re 90% there. It turned out to be a hard 10%. I hobbled up the handrail into The Lowry and facepalm again as I hand over my NZ passport am asked if I am here for the cricket. Well yes. Apart from the blessed Man U there would never be a reason to be in Manchester than for the love of sports, surely? The team again were staying here. One has a quiet sigh as when sports teams take over the hotel every paying guest seems to suffer a tad. I need not have worried about that, the hotel service is superb even if the rooms are a bit dated. It is little wonder Jose just moved in. If I had a standard sized room, his suite must have been the size of a house. The disability room (or as I called it the Alexis Sanchez Suite) is huge, comes with several