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Mike Lee - The Silent Guardian of Auckland

I still cannot write about the cricket after now 6 weeks.  So we shall gloss over that. I have embarked on three months of dry July's to make up for 6 weeks of June and July madness in Europe.  Long absences from alcohol are far easier than drinking socially in moderation.  Nothing should be done in moderation. I find on such quests locking ones self away to sleep to ease into it is the best approach and this was made easier by the rain and constant threat of dengue fever in the tropics.  In all truth, coming off six weeks of fun is not easy and makes you suitably unfit to blog for fear of defaming someone as stupidly litigious as Colin Craig.  Jeffrey Bernard was actually unwell again. What snaps you out of it however takes a decent amount of drive and determination and this week Mike Lee gave me such in spades. In a statement that can only be described as channelling the Dark Knight, Lee proclaims*: " Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but