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The Chinese Are Watching Your Sources Too

Today Tova O'Brien has attempted to make a mountain out of a molehill.  There is nothing unusual about MP's or Ministers exercising such caution in China or indeed any foreign country. What I find far more fascinating is that journalists do not necessarily think they are being watched by foreign agents as well.  Which is why you should never leak source information if you are a businessman or any of stature through any journalists who regularly travel there.  Let alone be aligned to them.  Chinese companies are always on the look out for a competitive advantage.  No one for example from Fonterra should every carry Intellectual Property or confidential information right down to their contacts, on devices through China.  Just as I am sure the Chinese do not travel elsewhere in the world such is their mutual distrust of the West. Journalists love free trips paid for by state run Chinese companies (read most of them), but once over there how do THEY guard against