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Fan of The Ashes - Max Waight

This kid is an absolute legend saving up $1 a week bin runs for 4 years to save up to come to the Ashes in England.   Twelve-year-old Max Waight was among the good number of Australian supporters watching Steven Smith pile up a double century at Old Trafford. But his story was a bit different to most. Four years ago, Max said how he dreamed of travelling to England for the Ashes - so he was given the challenge of saving up for the trip of a lifetime, the target being $1500 which his dad, Damien, said they would match if he could do it. The determination to fund socialism, his bloody siblings got a free ride! This INCREDIBLE #Ashes story is a must-watch! 12-year-old Max Waight saved up 4 years worth of pocket money to go to the Ashes 😮 @_jamespattinson and @cricketaus had a big surprise for Max 👏 #9WWOS #Cricket — Wide World of Sports (@wwos) September 6, 2019 More Replying to @wwos @_jamespattinson @CricketAus I am worried that