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What Now For Those Me Too Labour Kids?

Yesterday we  saw an open letter to Princess Cindy from those in Labour signed #metoolabour. I will give the specific complainants and victims some unsolicited advice from someone who not only has legal qualifications but more importantly has worked in and around business and politics with and for scumbags for almost a couple of decades, on apparently the nastier of the two sides left and right.  I have also myself (cough) been involved in a shit-storm as such so perhaps learned a few things from that.  None of the advice I give is bias politically as it applies equally to left and right in this sort of situation, it is one purely of self-preservation for them and a bit of a wake-up call if they are currently naive and trusting. 1. Trust absolutely no one in politics To Labour you are their biggest ticking-time bomb and a problem that someone will be asked to manage.   You have gone from in the business, an issue to a crisis. Collectively you can harm the only asset

Why Ardern's Problem Is Not An Employment Issue

The Fairy Gloss on Princess Cindy is all but gone in her handling of victims in the Labour sex scandal.  We are well past the point that sacking the President is enough.  Not that he looks like going anyway. Ardern would have had to have gone back to her days of working in a fish and chipper to see such volume of oil as was tossed on the burner today by a brave articulate, male student who suffered through twenty minutes of quite brilliant responding in an interview on Red Radio, Radio NZ with Lisa Owen.   He is the very sort of person who should be a candidate in a political party.  I doubt he has ever received media training but he doesn't need any.  Up until he was asked about Princess Cindy he didn't stutter or agh at all. The male student (we will call Mr Y as Mr X is ruined now thanks to Colin Craig) was verbally attacked and physically assaulted by the scumbag when he behaved like a real man should and attempted to stick up for the women involved in his sustaine