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The Day #nzmetoo Died - September 15th 2019

On September 10th I posted on what option the #metoo Labour kids had now. In that post I gave them one piece of advice that at least one of their membership has now ignored. 4. Do not talk to anyone outside of your current support group  The only people you can really trust are other victims in this matter and very cautiously Alex Casey as your voice in the media (do not go near Alison Mau) .  Again there is great political currency and career mileage in Labour right now to be seen to have an in with you.  Now would also a great time to stop taking to National Party people as well. Your enemies enemy is not your friend.  It takes a long time to learn that one.  Yet today Alison Mau has just had to have a contribution claiming (truthfully I would imagine) she has spoken to the group.  The problem with Mau is that she will not be able to help herself make herself and #nzmetoo the story, when it is not.  I do not wish though to get too down on Mau as I temporarily had