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First Jacinda Now Justin - Hoist With Your Own Petard

Hands up who has had a shit week I met John Campbell one time in Auckland Airport.  We were both enroute home after the sad failure of the 2015 Cricket World Cup final.  It was around the time of Dirty Politics and with his long mournful,  sad John face he muttered words that he expected better from me.  Considering at the time he was very impatiently waiting in the special APEC queue in front of me getting all agitated with officialdom, I couldn't help comment that no one in life is as bad or as good as the media make them seem to be, and I was always happy to be on the side of the former. Several months later in retrospect we also learned that Saint John at that time was in the middle of engineering his departure from TV3 to his advantage.  As slippery as an eel, yet as Saintly to the public as an Angel. Which is why it is always in public life far better to have a reputation that is very easy and low maintenance to keep up.  Winston Peters is a master of this and