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Te Trotter Language Week - Trotter on Grant Robertson

In the muddle that was last week, this post on Daily Blog and Bowalley Road from Chris Trotter  will be left to go through to the keeper.  The left will ignore it, the blog owner will pretend it didn't happen.  I will not. Now we all have the rugby result to focus on tomorrow I thought I would translate from my years of studying Te Trotter , just what the hell he is saying to us in this post as it really is quite remarkable.  Regardless of how the modern left try to disown him along with the entire period of 1984-89 and Rogernomics, he has forgotten more about being a leftist than the children will ever actually know. Grant Robertson with random YL people from Dunedin Who Will Be Fed Next To The Hungry Gods Of Politics? This in Te Trotter means, who is next going to be thrown under the sacrificial bus. IS THAT IT? The resignation of the Labour Party President, Nigel Haworth, and the departure of the young man at the centre of the allegations currently engulfi