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How Much Did Labour, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor Know About Swiggs?

Dalziel and Swiggs with ridiculously cute cat celebrating Christmas Radio NZ have another interview with another complainant , this time the then 13 year old at the centre of the latest allegations surrounding Deon Swiggs.  His alias is Josh.  Remember he was 13 at the time in July 2017. He told RNZ he met Swiggs at an event, where was "bear hugged" after going in for a handshake. It made him feel "unsafe", he said. Sounds like something Donald Trump used to do to young women. That was in July 2017 so it is very likely that Josh is still a minor.  More contact allegedly happened a year later where he had another big hug and  allegedly said to him "I think we are passed that".  🤮 as Deon should be emojing up late at night. Then six months later Josh alleges at a youth festival Swiggs asked for a selfie as he groped the back of Josh for 8-10 seconds.  Then he was introduced as "Baby xxx (insert his name)" to another Council