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"Will I Be Safe Now" - Mixing Your United Nations Memes

Ardern with unidentified Young Labour members and crouching Robertson - original photo NZ Young Labour  Facebook  An eagle eyed reader has suggested that Jacinda Ardern in her turmoil of the last month got a bit confused in her UN speech about where she was asked while out and about with Grant Robertson,  "will I be safe now?". It was not a "young muslim boy in Kilbirnie" but meeting up with Young Labour members, and it appears that Robertson was doing the crouching that day.

A "Muslim Boy In Kilbirnie" - Does Rufus Painter Have A Son Now?

I cannot watch Jacinda Ardern on television.  I have tried, and it is not political.  I cannot watch because I cannot watch any speaker, regardless of their politics, use over-the-top hand gestures and movements around on a stage.  Ardern's movements are similar to mine using a wobble board at physio in rehabilitation for the fractured ankle.  It is little wonder Ardern is never spotted in high business heels, she would soon be in a similar state of disrepair and cripple moving from left to right to centre and falling right over.  Do not get me started on hand talkers. I equate it with exceptionally weak people attempting to distract you from the garbage coming out of their mouth. Ardern gets a free pass from professionals in this regard still under the influence of her stardust, but she is one of the hardest to watch speakers in politics there is, regardless of her content.  I dare you to turn the sound off and watch her move for 22 minutes during her UN speech today.   There