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Why I Am Greta Thunberg's Poster Adult

Say what? Here’s the problem with this climate change protest movement. And it is going to get really ugly quickly for them.  I AM the absolute poster adult for actions speaking larger than words.  Yes. Moi. It is a horrid thought for the leftists and Greta lovers that the most right wing, capitalist, female blogger born in New Zealand could possibly win this woke prize but stay with me for a bullet point run down.  1. I don’t own a car and haven’t done so for now 17 years. Longer than they’ve all been on this earth. 2. I don’t have children (the largest contributor to human led climate change being out of control population growth) 3. I don’t currently even own a home. I sold the last one because I hated being a landlord. 4. My credit card summaries are littered with ride share and accomodation share companies Air Bnb and Uber (not Uber eats). I am “down” with the SF tech company sharing industries. 5. I only eat enough to sustain myself having a