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The Curious Case Of The Missing Maori Climate Change Commissioner

In September last year, every Te Reo speakers favourite white boy, Martyn Bradbury heralded the arrival of a new Maori Climate Commissioner. I didn't know whether to take him seriously or not.  The MCC was none other than Donna Awatere Huata. That she is the Māori Climate Commissioner gives her an enormous platform to demand real action and real change and h er fearlessness in calling it the way it is means she is the perfect person for the job. Really Martyn?  What juice were you drinking that day? In my view her fraud conviction meant she had the perfect background for this role because my views on carbon credits, despite clients owning them, are very well known. However like all things Donna, a lot like all things Marama Fox, the whole thing has ended up being very light on any delivery once the gloss wears off of winning the big prize and gloating about achievements that are never delivered. These are the latest two posts to the Facebook page.  One the ot