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Random Impertinent Questions

Time these made a comeback. 1. So how is the hunt for “the young Muslim boy in Kilbirnie” to ask him if he now feels safe now Jacinda Ardern is back in the country? I am waiting.....Ardern free pass from media, much in her attempt to "out-Greta" Thunberg with a made up sob story. 2. Supporting Greta Thunberg now solely because along with two minority ethnic leaders most people have never heard of in the leader of Ethiopia and a tribe in Brazil, she can prevent Ardern winning a Nobel Peace Prize?   Although I am not sure either qualifies this year? 3. When will New Zealand commentators realise that overseas very few people actually know who Jacinda Ardern is? 4. And have already forgotten about the Christchurch shootings, if they knew about them at all? 5. And that New Zealand is and always will be just a tiny country next to Australia with cows, a zillion miles away where Lord of the Rings was shot? 6. And every time NZ is on the news and we all gush