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There Comes A Time In Every Relationship

Where a woman has to stand up and say no to a man taking a proverbial dump in the bed and expecting her to lie on it.   It says more about a woman if she stays in that relationship at all pretending the male is ok, than kicking the retard to touch passing on his bullshit, lies and promises to another woman so she can be treated with similar disdain. I think Cindy and Shane have finally reached that point of no return. Shane Jones might think his "AR-15" rifle  (if that is what it really is because Asia is notorious for overselling what you are firing) photos posted by Dot his wife and PR advisor do not matter and is "no reflection on his Cabinet position" but it is.  Fine, do what you want on holidays privately but this make no mistake was a public display of "f*** you little woman". It says absolutely everything about his Cabinet position. It shows he has absolutely zero respect for a woman in charge trying to do her best to portray an

Stop Sending Your Kids To University!

What should be concluded from the last few weeks of news media is that University is not the place for some teenagers. There is nothing wrong with this.   There are plenty of other things for 18 year olds to do.  However if they cannot make it into the big world independently yet, for god's sake keep them at home until they can rather than send them off unprepared. If your child is struggling mentally with life before they leave school and go off to University, being an 18 year old especially in a halls of residence living away from home sure as hell is the last place you send them. You might have contracted out parenting for five or seven days a week to boarding school, but University is completely different.  They are not special.  They will not be babysat. Everyone at University is just a cold hard ID number and other than taking your money, there is not enough man-hours for staff to care much who passes and fails.  If your child only "just" mana

Elton Loves Clarke

The answer was in reply to a question from model and actor Cara Delevingne, who asked the award-winning singer/song writer if he could be one woman alive and one woman from the past, who would you be? In an interview with the Guardian – which featured a Q&A section with A-list celebrities – John said Ardern was "one of the few politicians that I respect and love". Followed by  "She was ****ing talented and brilliant, (b) she was beautiful, (c) she had a lot of sex, and (d) she had the most fantastic jewellery," he said. Gosh - look out Clarke, Uncle Elton is coming for you! Comments like this from celebrities are not helping Ardern brush off the part-time Prime Minister jibes and the electorate are fast tiring at her lack of performance back in New Zealand and celebrity attention seeking new liberal luvvies after the enforced absence, put out to pasture  retirement of Hillary Clinton.   The Nobel Prize cut-off time rules meant that she was n

Local Body Elections - Random Impertinent Questions

1. Why is the Auckland centre right so useless? They have lost four local government elections on the trot! What or who are they missing to fix things? 2. The guy who took Labour to one of its biggest ever losses in central government had one of the biggest wins ever for the Auckland Mayoralty - should Bill English should run for Auckland Mayor? 3. Who is tasked with sitting down with the plethora of tired councillors (Christine Fletcher) and failed centre right candidates (Mark Thomas) and telling them not to bother next time? 4. Are the rates rises, congestion fees, petroleum taxes and fee increases coming Auckland’s way a small price to pay for not having John Tamihere in charge? 5. Is Tenby Powell proof that it is possible to get elected if you are rich, cunning, even slightly dashing, ambitious and hard working? 6. Is Andy Foster proof that it is possible to get elected if you have a well funded campaign, a useless incumbent and promises to fix issues that res