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The Laundromat Review

Having watched The Laundromat I needed to think about how to review a movie containing a plot line with a  box of 2009 Dom Perignon when the vintage was not released until 2017, the year AFTER the Panama Papers.   The drinking notes have it best consumed 2019-2034.  There is a scene in the pool where Nikki Minaj's Starships plays, that was released in 2012.  It is all very chronologically twisted.  Let us forget about the release date of the Happy Plug gold earphones..... In the same part of the movie with the same characters, bearer shares were being discussed as a settlement for keeping ones mouth shut for sexual indiscretion when in 2017 bearer shares were immobilised or straight out outlawed. In Seychelles that was spoken of, bearer shares were actually abolished in 2014 least of all for a bank account with HSBC Geneva. Not going to happen.  Most of this was cleared up well before the Panama Papers broke. Yes it is JUST a movie. And very American, and this explains why fa