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Unite Union's Blatant Hypocrisy Exposed In Sky City Inferno

The Unions have been all hot under the collar yelling at SkyCity's responses to the fire.  As per the normal they are criticising left, right and centre. The Unite Union claimed workers health was in danger. They organised a strike and claimed workers were being "muzzled". The water alarmists told us that the water was polluting the harbours and all wildlife was in danger .   Yet - hello - the fire was in all likelihood caused by one of maybe their members being bloody useless at his job. What to do with that worker? Oh yes they want a safe space for him, a hug and even anonymity.  The Herald called the whole thing a "glitch". Good grief. Yet when the CEO of any company oversees multi million dollar losses, disruption to lives and economic calamity they (the Unions and the media) want the CEO named, shamed, humiliated, run out of his/her job, the country and commence a campaign to ruin them. A teenager - possibly an apprentice