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Winston Peters and His Reputation For Detail II

Winston Peters and His Reputation For Detail I Today we learned that Winston Peters  after decades and decades as an MP, thinks that it is a bit on the nose that Superannuitants receive less as a couple than they do as individuals.   Yet all that time has done nothing about it in the screeds of policy for superannuitants.  In all likelihood he supported the differences himself! In July 2017, Nugent, then an area manager, spoke to Peters over the phone about the error, she said. "He was very unhappy to be having that discussion and his tone was indignant and defensive," she said.  "His clear undertone was how dare we contact him about such a thing. I managed to hold him on the phone and de-escalate sufficiently for him to hear me." After meeting with Peters in person, Nugent formed the view he had made a "genuine mistake" and the case would not be referred to the department's fraud team. Peters agreed to pay back the overpayment.  &q

Jones Triples Down on Indian Community

Shane Jones got wind he was burned in effigy by the Indian community as told to Heather duPlessis Allen.  He erupted today by not even doubling down, he went straight to tripling down. I have another explanation for his mis-understanding. Indians have recently celebrated Diwali the last week of October and they have legendary displays of fireworks for it.  One of the things they do is burn a Ravana effigy.  During Diwali the story basically can be summed up with people lighting lamps at Diwali to remember that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil. Here is what a Ravana effigy looks like, similar? The timing of Diwali coincided with the Indian Association demanding a public apology from Jones. Jones however took it personally and thought that they were burning him, not the terrible demon King. "I'm not going to have any migrant tell me as a mokopuna of Tai Tokerau when my people have been here a thousand years… I'm not going to h