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Tim Murphy v Barry Soper Just Got Ugly

From the best show in town currently for media and political junkies. Tim Murphy is doing a great job covering the encounters in the Courtroom. Today he released a cracker   that is worth a full read.  You will not see reportage like this from NZME or from anyone in the Gallery fearful of their Seniors and Barry Soper's wide reach earned from his many years there. I will translate Murphy's piece as it will be hard for the uninitiated to understand the undertones that make it for me the dirtiest, nastiest dissertation of a journalist eating another that I have seen.  Forget anything ever published on a NZ blog between bloggers as well, Murphy has gone to the dark side with this piece. Subbies Headline translated - Evidence and testimony from Newsroom's Mel Reid took a giant leak over Barry Soper's tattered carcass.  Over to the Boss to explain why. Soper, a longtime associate of Peters in the press gallery, went first, claiming he had been told "