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The Media Have Been The Story For Years Barry!

Soper and Peters in less stressful times Not the first senior journalist at the NZ Herald to run off after giving evidence under Oath to then use their soapbox to defend themselves, Barry Soper has over-reacted today in fine fashion to Tim Murphy's report. I posted on it here. Soper takes umbrage at Murphy's killer line  After his evidence Soper sat at the rear of the court with Winston Peters and his partner Jan Trotman. God, it is not like Murphy then alleged Soper ran off with Peters and Trotman afterwards for dinner or anything! The general public do not have that privilege of reaching an audience Soper has when members of his profession run and jump all over them.   Fortunately it's rare but on the odd occasion those of us in the media become part of the story. Surely this is tongue in cheek, members of the profession have made themselves central to the cast of characters in a story for years now, getting us all closer to the news.  Soper'

Who Knew In Advance About Winston Peters' Super Stuff up?

Bruce Gray QC carrying a suitcase far too small to take Ann Tolley's political carcass back home but far too light to be carrying documents in if he is not dragging it or making his barrister manservant.  Good lord I am too exhausted to even think about how many people knew. It may be easier to draw up a list of people interested in New Zealand politics who did not know .  I would not be on that list as I did in advance.  I was working at the time in Australia and heard the salacious tit bit and had a very good laugh about it.  My source was from someone I would not deem to be that political. Of course naturally I kept the information to myself and waited to see what happened next  swapped notes with everyone else I knew who may be interested in it so we can have a laugh about Winston Peters' inability to complete a Super application correctly, only to find most of them already knew.  Bastards.   The lawyers paid by the hour can work out the timeline, as can