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Winston Peters And Subjudice

Today in this hilarious interview with Peter Williams, Winston Peters mumbled his favourite ever legal word - subjudice.  Before of course then being successfully goaded into actually discussing an  element of his current litigation in the $63.57 amount and definition "demonstrably untrue".  Have a listen to it as it is a political masterclass in not explaining because it would be losing and Peters at his funniest best, leading into the finale where he destroys Hannah Tamaki on the way out the door. Bless his boomer/silent generation cusp heart but times have moved on from Richard Griffin's adventures via Tardis, since screaming its name "subjudice", gave him an excuse never to have to answer any questions from journalists.  A useful blog friendly summary on subjudice is found here from a former Judge. Our courts have long recognised that some comment is acceptable.  The fundamental rule is that material must not be published which creates a


That is not only the deafening silence from all left-wing blogs reading definitive testimony of a distinguished member of their public service Sir Maarten Wevers.  It is bar the sound of nervous shuffling........ that of the 9th Floor present and ghosts of it past.  Wevers served both Helen Clark's regime and John Key's career mid-life sabbatical as PM. The public service traditionally is known to be slightly argh well, left leaning where it can be.  In a courtroom of course, it definitely can not and you can fully expect them fearfully to tell the truth. The Winston Peters of 2019 and beyond is now a life member of the political left in New Zealand.  There is nothing centrist about him if as the Kingmaker he is only ever going to veer left.   After these two weeks there is no chance in hell NZ First will ever go into coalition with National again.  I would say while Winston Peters is leader but the party ceases when he finally goes to bed.  A vote for Winston is a vot