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Release The Donors!!!

Journalists are usually so quick to release information gained legally or illegally based on "public interest".   I do not think there has ever been more public interest in the term of this Coalition Government than knowing who is funding New Zealand First via donations or propping them up with loans.  Then the public can see if they have benefited from the Shane Jones lollie scramble directly or indirectly. It was the crucial bait in the coalition negotiations and NZ First are depending on its success to get themselves re-elected in the provinces. This is regardless of whether the only real growth in the provinces has been house prices because cashed up or poverty laden Aucklanders and Wellingtonians have decided to move there. Graeme Edgeler who is usually so quick to be on the side of the righteous a nd left, has already seen these documents apparently and he alleges they break the law. Public law expert Graeme Edgeler says the documents may be eviden

One Maori Worth More Than One Woman Now In Labour

I am a bit busy preparing my "annual festival of fun" and exercising my "professional class consumer spending gene"* currently but this did not miss my eye in passing .  Remember when Jami-Lee Ross taught us that according to him : "Two Chinese would be more valuable than two Indians"? Matt McCarten is now proposing Diversity is actually about when two candidates are competent to do the top job, then diversity should be a determining factor. But he has a strange definition of such diversity.  It appears some diversity is not equal to others. An "unknown sauce", in other words - Matt McCarten interviewing his own keyboard and/or Willie Jackson, claims: "Put Jacinda and Phillips together and you have a picture of a complementary balance. But put Jacinda and Zsabo together and you have two very similar well-educated Auckland middle-class liberal women . We don’t need clones, we need diversity and we need to be able to recogn