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Grace Millane and the Rough Sex Defence

 I haven’t posted a thing on the Grace Millane murder trial as it’s utterly disgusting.  I can name him. I’m blogging overseas. NZ media seem outraged that the UK tabloids have jumped in ahead. The Daily Mail have gone ahead. The NZ media are pissed of course they’ve jumped the gun. But at the end of the day naming him is meaningless. The case is over.  Let’s put aside even in retrospect I cannot explain to other people not admitted to the bar as to why this chump received name suppression. I’d heard the rumours why but after the verdict it appears that was all as much ballocks as his entire narrative for his own life. Rough sex gone wrong as a defence? A defence for what? The man is usually the most powerful in the partnership and with that comes a duty of care to stop before killing someone. It’s not really a fine line! Even now the jury have reached their verdict, any appeal will be heard by judges who are never going to be swayed by media or blogs as they’re bey