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To Russia Without Love

The day New Zealand needs to be lectured about war crimes from RUSSIA will be the day........well I do not know of a relevant end to the ridiculousness of that. At a press conference overnight Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said New Zealand must investigate "crimes". In the press conference, Zakhrova spoke about Russia's involvement in conflict in Syria - where it has been alleged that Russian planes have bombed civilians - before discussing allegations of civilian deaths the British military has been facing.  She then described the "murder" of seven children "as a result of wrongdoings of New Zealand military who did not de-mine in the proper way the shooting ranges after using them".  Murder? How about STFU.  It was more likely the Russians are responsible anyway. The Stuff Circuit documentary did not suggest any deaths amounted to murder, but revealed the deaths had been linked to New Zea

Cruise Ships Sick Of Paying The Taniwha

The inevitable has happened and Cruise ship and tourism operators in New Zealand have gone full scale Asian. I had a particular giggle at "Steve the Maori" saying these imposters had "careless scribbles on their faces".  I know Maori have great meaning in Ta Moko and that is fine for them, however Steve The Maori has described instantly what I think when I see anyone with a tattoo let alone one on their face.  I cannot take a person with visible tattoos seriously as an adult at the best of times, regardless of their race.  All it says to me is to stay well away from these people because they have a much higher tolerance for pain than you can ever inflict on them. Maori have scammed/earned/participated (depending on who you talk to) in the tourism industry for many decades, some have done quite nicely others not.  Market forces and the ever bastardised prostitution that is the tourism industry and selling "cultural experiences", has now meant