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David Parker And His "Community Lens" - QC's Now Have Primary School Testing

David Parker with a more popular and competent choice for AG through a "community lens" It is not enough that a loathsome pinko with the cold, beady eyes of very average form filling ability , defamed me in the House of Representatives hiding cowardly behind parliamentary privilege. Not to forget he then laid a very failed and vexatious police complaint , but now he gets to do this; oh please Louise.   Eight New Zealand lawyers, including a prominent University of Auckland professor, have been appointed Queen's Counsel under a new process that includes a commitment to improving access to justice. Attorney-General David Parker said the appointment process "emphasises that excellence and leadership in the profession can be seen through a wider, community lens." A new process?  What on earth do these two paragraphs even mean? Everyone with half a brain realises that QC’s don’t provide “access to justice” for New Zealanders. They ch