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City Mission Force Children To Camp Out To Get Presents And Food To Politicise Poverty

The Mayor of Woke in Auckland, Saint John Campbell gave us this exclusive insight that happens every year in New Zealand. Parents dragging their children out to get free food and presents.  Yes that is all this is.  Nothing to see here.  Apparently under Jacinda Ardern and her Labour coalition there is a 40% increase in demand for food parcels this year.  I do not blame her or the leftie coalition for this increase in demand.  Offer stuff for free of course you will not be disappointed.  This is the sort of slanted reporting and campaigns that have usually been the domain of what happens during National's time in charge.  The lefties at Christmas are now running one up Ardern and Labour in the same way.  Every year there is the same problem, not one of resources obtained through the generous public and welfare systems, but one of distribution. Campbell said there were "many children" at the centre, who were waiting for food and presents.  Yes well they bloo

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes - Tuku Morgan Says What We All Think

Tuku Morgan's extensive record at taking the piss goes well before and after his undiegate. This latest episode is particularly special. "The tribe is a $1.4b corporate business. We should know what we're doing. We should have some level of faith and trust in our systems and processes. How can this fraud be possible?" That is right Tainui is.  Thanks Tuku Tainui is a corporate business nothing more or less. So why does it rely on having a charitable status?  Those competing for contracts cannot do so on a level playing field if they're having to bid against an organisation paying zero tax. Registered charity Ururangi Trust was set up in 2008, funded wholly by Tainui, with its annual expenses rapidly increasing from $740,000 in 2009 to nearly $2 million in 2017. In 2015 it faced adverse scrutiny after an investigation by the Charities Service found gross mismanagement in its spending and placed the organisation on a final warning.  Following Hera