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Why We Lost The 2019 Rugby World Cup

Kieran Read is not an "All Black Great".  There have been better number 8's and better Captains. Richie McCaw is.   Here is why: Read revealed in his autobiography Straight Eight that, despite countless hours spent training and touring together, they were basically strangers outside the world of rugby . "It was the ultimate professional relationship, a workplace friendship. I think back to the first time we roomed together, in Sydney with the Crusaders in my first year with the team, and he never once asked me a personal question about my life, family, interests - anything outside the team. "It wasn't that he was rude; that information was just superfluous to him. He didn't need it in his head when he had other things to think about." Nah there was plenty of room in Richie's head he was the book smartest guy in the team, he just didn't care to make silly irrelevant small talk.  He knew that not only did he have to b