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Sydney Lets Off Fireworks - People Lose Their Minds

Snowflake fools wanted this gorgeous celebration of awesomeness cancelled because of the fire hazard, then when they realised the fireworks were not going to burn the city down, they called it insensitive. Good grief. If the people of Sydney needed some respite from what is happening currently this was it and a jolly good night of intoxication and class A substances.   Well done Sydney for not caving in to the haters and the snowflakes. I cringe at what the New Zealand reaction would have been to a similar set of circumstances.

Nothing Says Happy 2020 Than A Virtual Challenge!

Yes we are all over it by now but that was NY 2020.  Well done.  Made those meaningless expressions of self-betterment on social media yet?  This has been my favourite circulating currently. I would add "inspiring others and setting scarey goals" to the bleedingly obvious. Nothing I have seen says what world we live in currently where there is now a virtual challenge involving you logging distance to complete challenges - without actually ever having to travel to the places mentioned!  Brilliant.   It is called The Conqueror. For example travelling Route 66 without having to go to the USA.  This one would be perfect for Kim Dot Com.  Not only can the forgotten colossus never have to go to the USA he would end up after 2,280 miles of exercise, possibly very fit.  Well not, he is such an evil genius he would cheat and attach a fitbit to all of his children and animals in order to get the mileage wouldn't he? You can "swim the English channel&qu