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A lawyer goes to a social function and feminists lose their minds.
A former Russell McVeagh partner under investigation for his role in the firm's #Metoo controversy went to a birthday bash for the Law Society - all while it is investigating him.
So what?
The man attended the $165-a-head New Zealand Law Society and Wellington Branch 150th Anniversary Commemorative Dinner at Te Papa late in 2019.
The event was by registration rather than invitation. This registration was seemingly unquestioned. The event was arranged by the Wellington branch of the Law Society.
And why would it be questioned?  
A trusted source, who was at the event, said people there were "deeply uncomfortable", "upset", and "disappointed", especially when a speech was made at the event directly alluding to the sexual misconduct issues that had stained the profession.
"Trusted source"? That would be a member of the neo-World order of Witches?  One with an Ali Mau verified sa…

Feeling Sorry For Our Prime Minister

Occasionally I have a weak moment in life when I feel sorry for our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
I would feel sorry for her if she had consequences as a result of sticking up for herself against Winston Peters and Shane Jones. But it’s all her own fault there and she’s doing nothing.
I would feel sorry for her when her baby daddy Clarke Gayford does something extremely childish. But again it’s all her own fault there as well.
I do feel seriously sorry for her with respect to one aspect of her job and that is having to stand regularly next to a signer, something she  has done so since 2018. It is bad enough she has to stand next to clowns like Grant Robertson, Peters, Jones, Gayford, Phil Twyford, Marama Davidson, Julie Ann Gentner and Poto Williams really. Granted again it was her own fault for agreeing to bring signers in for her post-Cabinet Pressers.

It is the height of political correctness that in the year 2020 we must still cater for every section of the population. Regardless of …

NZ Media Suddenly Don't Want To Profit From Illegally Obtained Emails

Phil Goff's emails have been allegedly "illegally obtained".

The "hacker" asked for $20,000 from the NZ Herald to release them, giving waiting journalists a small sample.  Probably enough for them to jizz over if it was say... oh I don't know, Judith Collins.
Collins and Goff have held similar portfolios in senior positions in politics with equally sensitive material.  Goff from 2007-19 in Defence and as Leader of the Opposition and the Mayor of Auckland with Collins in Corrections, Police and Justice.  In the case of Collins it was deemed to be in the "public interest" to take these illegally obtained emails and publish them everywhere, out of context and without a chance for her right of reply.  Collins' emails did not number 15,000 and she did not forward them to her own personal account which in itself is prima facie illegal.
Goff, a favourite of the NZ Herald, seems to have had not only a heads up, time to get lawyers involved and threate…

Was Sir Ron Brierley Set Up?

I wrote back at the time that the most interesting occurrence during the post arrest of Sir Ron Brierley was that everyone who had made money from and with Brierley seemed to claim no knowledge of his behaviour.
I asked these questions:

1. Who tipped the authorities off in August?  Dirty.....where from? Why?  Motive?  Or was it an Apple shop employee? 2. Why would you possess "child pornography" when it is available online like everything else dirty, for streaming?  Carrying it across a jurisdiction is akin to Shane Jones watching pay per view porn when he should have just logged in to the wifi.  Like taking coal to Newcastle or coke to Colombia? 3. He is 82, who put it on his USB or "external drive"? Because I know of NO 82 year old who even understands what a USB stick or external drive is? For the hundreds of millions of dollars he is worth - who is or was protecting him? People of Sir Ron's wealth and age have an attache, butler or PA.  Moreso in Sydney tha…

Winston’s Waitangi Blow Out

Winston Peters surely must have been taking the piss when he accused Simon Bridges of politicising Waitangi Day.

Hello. Mr Winston Raymond Plastic-Maori-Peters arise. 

Every politician at Waitangi is politicising it. Every single one. From time began.

I made a joke on Facebook that no one goes to Waitangi for the hangi. Then I see reports of the Shane Jones BBQ this year and notable righter wing folk at it. The sort that loudly claim in “our” company Jones is a fraud/corrupt/fucking idiot/cock muppet/ need we go on. They are only there for the food and probably their own trough at the PGF. They’re despicable disgusting political traitors. Anyone at the BBQ who wishes to rat out the other “competitors” at it please list them in the comments to be published here. 

The Project tonight ran a story with born again Prince of The Woke and Gush Paddy Gower running a story there’s more to Waitangi than the politicians. That’s nice. I hope so. I’m glad that good and decent Maori are doing something…

Name Suppression At Its Finest

Name suppression is something non-lawyers never understand and lawyers sometimes have trouble explaining.

I can only explain where it is in this case laughable.
So in a case where an MP (#1) has loudly and publicly accused another MP (#2) of breaking the law and at his own instigation forced the SFO to investigate, there have been charges laid against four people.
The SFO came out publicly and released this information.

#2 as he has legal training,  did not stuff around asking his army of taxpayer paid communications people for advice and immediately and quite brilliantly came out and said he had not been charged or anyone still associated with him. The National Party and its officers appear completely in the clear and they have not used the $100k donation. They want to know how to give it back without breaking the law. Probably not an easy task given it now probably meets the definition of proceeds of (suspected) crime.
National leader Simon Bridges said neither himself, or anyone f…

Huawei Is An Arm Of The Chinese State

Because it just bloody well is and anyone bending over to the Chinese in New Zealand that it is not, is directly or indirectly on the Mainland government payroll.

The Bachelorette Does The Impossible - The LGBTI Guy Is Already The Biggest Liar

The latest Bachelorette is an intelligent and very attractive woman rolling in a deep sea of average.  I would call her very intelligent, but she cannot be so as she has put herself on this TV show.
The show and its whole concept is dreadful but no one should be watching reality TV for the intelligent deep thinking.
Jewellery salesman George’s life motto is “do it before you lose it”, and this experience is no different for him!
Now we find out that something the babe does not yet, George is bisexual.  He seems to want to do it all before his cock drops off.

I have no problem with men being bisexual, they probably make great friends.  I don't think I have any of course as none have told me, but I don't feel the need to know this fact as they are friends.  I do think however as a woman dating or shagging one it is pertinent this fact is disclosed to you before making such a decision to date or shag one.  The betrayal would be far worse than finding out they voted for Labour, Gr…

Kobe Bryant And Suffering

I refuse to canonise a man who while was one of the best basketballers ever, had Harvey Weinstein style attitudes towards women.  The Hollywood Liberal #Metoo elites wallowing claiming he was one of their best, is as hypocritical as it is laughable.

I will however comment about this silly reporting from The NZ Herald. But after circling for around 15 minutes, the helicopter plummeted more than 150 metres in just 15 seconds before smashing into a Los Angeles hillside — killing all nine on board. Witnesses believe the helicopter dropped out of the sky so quickly that the nine victims likely "didn't suffer" as the chopper was destroyed instantaneously. Really? I would think that after 15 minutes of accelerated worry there was 15 seconds of complete and utter  suffering with everyone on board crying their lungs out as they knew they were all going to die in a screaming blaze of hell.
But you know "died peacefully surrounded by loved ones doing what they loved" mak…

Neve(r) Use A Baby As A Prop

It must be election year.

Jacinda Ardern not only took Neve to Ratana, she paraded Neve around cultish Maori.  Maori are increasingly becoming cynical about Labour and Ardern's performance for them.
Tariana Turia just recently calling Ardern "out of her depth".  Funnily enough those of us on the right of politics thought that of Turia for decades, not to mention her entire existence revolved around brownmailing and gaming whitey for money.  She was I guess very good at that culminating in bowing to the ultimate in whitey adherence when she became a Dame without ever actually taking on much responsibility at all.
But her real defuser was Neve - who very rarely accompanies her parents to public events, so was the centre of attention for the cameras.
A trip to Ratana was Ardern's first public outing after announcing her pregnancy in January 2018.
Ratana were also the first to gift a name to Neve - that name was Waru [eight] - a significant number for the Church. It is ra…

Auckland - It Will Be Nice When It Is Finished

Nikki Kaye has clearly been away all summer and having just returned to Auckland CBD has seen what a clusterfuck it is.
The whole CBD appears to now not be run by the Supercity or politicians but road cones and the village idiots who police them.  Those of us here over summer have suffered the indignity of disruption for a month now.  I am not talking about drivers, I am talking about just walking around Greta Thunberg low emission style.
I spend a reasonable amount of time per year in Sydney so over the years have suffered the George Street debacle as they put in the slow speed trams.  I feel for the poor retailers on Albert Street for the same reasons. The difference of course is that this is what the Keepers of the Cones look like in Sydney.  Many are students or at least persons of above average intellect and appearance.  I can offer the comparison as someone suitably qualified.  Also as a female I can do this in a way that I cannot be accused of sexism.
These are the Sydney gals.

Westpac Doing The Humane Thing

Westpac is showing the lead and giving its computer geeks the opportunity to escape New Zealand's shittiest city and is humanely relocating them to Auckland.

While there may be some conjecture about what is New Zealand's second largest city, there is no doubt what the shittiest city is.  Wellington wins by a mile.
It bemuses me why anyone would wish to live in Wellington as it is a total and utter shithole.  Some of the people are great and I am not having a go at Wellingtonians specifically, it is just their city is a living, barely breathing shithole.  Most of the reasons they cannot avoid.

Surely the only excuse for living in Wellington is that it is where you must work.

There cannot be any other.  I feel sorry that people are forced to live there.
Quite apart from being under the constant threat of complete obliteration the next time there is a massive earthquake, the weather is utterly appalling most of the time.  "You can't beat Wellington on a good day" i…

Matthew Hooton Continues To Stagger Those On The Right

Matthew has a column today on Maori infighting over handouts from the whitey.

None of that is enlightening.  This was.

- As a PR consultant and lobbyist, Matthew Hooton has worked for the Treaty Tribes Coalition, Auckland's Independent Māori Statutory Board, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Ngāi Tuhoe, Te Puni Kōkiri and the Māori Economic Development Taskforce, and has accepted speaking fees from Te Ohu Kaimoana. These views are his own. Good lord.  He really will work for anyone.

An analogy would be if I was also working for the IRD, ATO, IRS and HMRC.

Shut Up You Stupid Little Man

If his past actions were not enough, but saying the Monarchy has been cheapened by his daughter and son-in-law is hilarious when he's done nothing but.
Meghan needs to issue a large dose of shut the f*** up to him.

It is almost enough for a person to feel sorry for her.

Public Service Announcement For All Women

Ya do not lose 44kgs just doing pilates.

Please bitch. Stop it. Even doing Lagree pilates  (superb workout but hard AF) that is not going to work in "Adeletime" without a serious amount of either a large gastric band and/or the 1000 cals a day diet for basically a whole year. 
Do the math.

Put A Zippy In It - Dogs Are Not Humans

A pretentious Auckland tosser is complaining that his precious not-so-little mutt is not allowed to dine at the restaurant institution that is Prego.

Gary Langsford is the stereotypical Aucklander that the rest of the country loves to hate.
For a starter "Zippy" is not that little. He wrote on Facebook: "A beautiful Auckland summer's evening and what better than to sit outside with your favourite pooch at a restaurant and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine. It's fine at the Ponsonby Bistro, or Apero or SPQR but not at Prego. Yes and they are all places that have seats outside on the pavement, I doubt the proprietors would allow the dogs inside.  Prego has an enclosed courtyard.  It is not that big or open.  There is a side area that faces the carpark however I am betting the sensible staff at Prego are sick and tired of tripping over stray mutts and leads. It is marginal at times with children in the premises let alone all the pissed up patrons on a sunny day. &qu…

The All Black Truth Comes Out

Now it all makes sense.  The All Blacks have a touch of the Prince Harry's.
Until this rift is sorted the All Blacks will not get back to the best team in the world.  
Quite easy to see what has happened here, Steve Hansen upset a lot of the brown boys by talking the truth about Akira Ioane and Rieko and co took it all personally and got the sulks.    Rieko went from being one of the in form players in the team to a giant lemon within a matter of weeks.
This posted on his instagram by head of the Woke Blacks,  TJ Perenara from Rieko's instagram.

Thing is the media do get blowback about their rugby writings, just read the comments online! The All Black Woke Vulnerability Group snowflakes can't handle a bit of criticism for their poor performances.
Ian Foster has a rather large job to do.

Let us see if the sports media in New Zealand report this or rather like the dirty, fithy Black Caps support team member - gives us the bought and sold out version of the story.

Want To Keep Your Kids? Stop Harming Them Then

Maori are having another whinge about Oranga Tamariki.
Most Maori are great parents and not harming their children, that is the positive thing. Most non-Maori are great parents and not harming their children as well, that's another positive thing. This should be the societal expectation.
Uplifting children is also actually generationally preventing recidivism.  Mothers who have been in state care are not having their babies uplifted.  This is great news.  The policy is actually working. And it was positive that 95 per cent of young Maori mothers who had been in state care did not have a newborn uplifted. Apparently reports show Maori are five times more likely to have their children uplifted by Oranga Tamariki.   Fine, so let us look beyond that.  What do Maori expect us to do, go uplift some more non-Maori to balance the stats up?!
The stats are if you read to the end of the report, actually REDUCING. For example, in June last year, there were 6429 children in state care. Of tho…

Funniest Headline Of The Year To Date

Pardon me? His OWN cash?
The Royal Family have absolutely no such thing.  Everything they have is paid for by someone else or inherited from a source once again paid for by someone else.
The only person with their own money and "job" in this is rather ironically Meghan Markle, who had a small role in a TV show with by industry standards a very moderate income.
And she has always been accused of being a gold-digger and social climber and vilified in the Press for such.  None of this will stop from this day forth, in fact it will only get worse for her.  She seems mentally very frail, along with Harry, it is Diana all over again.
Sure, she cannot afford her current lifestyle with the assets and income she had before meeting Harry, but very few women in the world could.
Anyway none of it is particularly interesting or matters greatly because odds on they'll end up divorced like the rest of the family it is just a matter of when and how much money she will get not to go on O…

Inquiry Into NZ Police Raids Needed

If there is one thing I can agree with the NZ political left on is the need for the NZ Police to actually learn how to perform a raid correctly, within the boundaries of the law and so that the evidence is not compromised.

Over the years we have seen raids politically motivated performed on 
Kim DotCom - result - F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement Nicky Hager - result - F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement Martyn Bradbury - result F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement  Urewera Raids - result - F for FAIL - Confidential Settlement
None of these settlements should have been confidential as we need to be able to as citizens see just how rubbish the Cops have been at upholding and following laws.

I have no issues with Police conducting raids on anyone, just make sure they comply with the law.
All of these should have been home runs for the Cops.  Their ineptitude was so ridiculous it must really be on purpose to ensure that the "victims" of these raids receive (well not in the craft…