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Boring Twat Gives Unsolicited Unregulated Financial Advice

Oh Seriously fuck off. They have just won $25 million.  Not even the dimmest fucktard in the world could blow that and even if they did they would have had a massive amount of fun doing so. Leave them alone. No "rash decisions" FFS. The only good advice is to shut up about it, the rest - quietly have a bloody good time. No one in their lifetime could spend $25 million and go broke unless they're a complete idiot and then..... DARWIN

Ardern Attacks Scomo Yet Lets Winston And Shane Run Riot At Home

In the most astonishing move of the election year, Jacinda Ardern has come over to Sydney with the Opera House in the background and taken an elephantine size dump all over our Transtasman relations and closest relations. Not over anything important. She is dying in the Foreign Affairs ditch over Australia handing back our crims.  But let us analyse this for a second. Surely we should start handing back Samoa's, Tonga's, Papua New Guinea's, China's, Fiji's..........the list goes on of shit hole countries exporting their crims to NZ that we do not need to have responsibility for once they complete their sentences? I have some respect for her manning up to Scomo.  The language used by her was the strongest I have ever seen in my lifetime against an allied power of ours!  Not lost, right in front of Australia's largest landmark. MFAT officials will now be knee deep on a Friday night in the darkest of hotel bars inhaling scotch on the rock

Golriz And The Green's Big List Problem

So Golriz Ghahraman has MS. This is terrible news for her. I would like to be benevolent and say I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. But I can’t lie, I would.  GG isn’t the worst enemy even of the centre right in politics let alone myself however, so I wish her well in managing the disease.  Her backstory is so bloody ridiculous and questionable that most right minded people dismiss her as a necessary evil. Long may she present to as many swinging voters as possible.  But let us be practical and pretend she’s not embellishing her life to date because no one is dumb enough to fake an illness like this, so I believe it all to be true and she has MS. I am just suspicious of the timing of her announcement.  The Green Party has a huge dilemma.  And may have had a lot to do with the timing of her announcement considering people close to her (in other words the mouthy media she is a darling of) have known this for two years. No one can keep a secret like this about

"Heather From Papanui" Pops Up In Election Year - Where is the "Muslim Boy in Kilbirnie"? - UPDATED

The election year narratives are already ringing out.  The chances are this one may be a bit more real than last year's "Muslim Boy in Kilbirnie" that the media have completely ignored a hunt for. Last September the PM spoke at the UN and came up with this: "One example sticks in my mind.  It was only days after the shooting and I visited a mosque in our capital city. After spending some time with community leaders I exited and walked across the car park where members of the Muslim community were gathered.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a young boy gesture to me.  He was shy, almost retreating towards a barrier, but he also had something he clearly wanted to say. I quickly crouched down next to him.  He didn’t say his name or even say hello, he simply whispered “will I be safe now?”" She mentions nothing more about this child other than the following: The young Muslim boy in Kilbirnie, New Zealand, wanted to know if I could grant him all of

Jevan Gets A Bit Pissed And Emotional And Twitter Bullies Lose Their Minds

Jevan Goulter can be a complete twit at times.  Everyone around politics knows that.   People have used and abused him knowing what he is like.  Over the years accumulating hangers on as diverse as Murray McCully (I spotted the pair as recently as last week), Michelle Boag, Hone Harawira and in the past certain sections of the Labour left wing factions. It is pretty clear he has mental stability issues and whatever talents he has in politics and PR is a mystery to me but others appear to again as I have stated, used and abused him from a very young age. He is close friends with the Tamaki family perhaps even influencing Brian Tamaki's new camp look. The second it was rumoured Hannah Tamaki might be on Dancing With The Stars, again Twitter bullies and mostly leftards lost their minds launching a vile campaign against Tamaki and anyone associated with her.  She was only appearing on the bloody show, not running it.  I suspect it would have been all good fun. Goulter


A lawyer goes to a social function and feminists lose their minds. A former Russell McVeagh partner under investigation for his role in the firm's #Metoo controversy went to a birthday bash for the Law Society - all while it is investigating him. So what? The man attended the $165-a-head New Zealand Law Society and Wellington Branch 150th Anniversary Commemorative Dinner at Te Papa late in 2019. The event was by registration rather than invitation. This registration was seemingly unquestioned. The event was arranged by the Wellington branch of the Law Society. And why would it be questioned?   A trusted source, who was at the event, said people there were "deeply uncomfortable", "upset", and "disappointed", especially when a speech was made at the event directly alluding to the sexual misconduct issues that had stained the profession. "Trusted source"? That would be a member of the neo-World order of Witches?  One wi

Feeling Sorry For Our Prime Minister

Occasionally I have a weak moment in life when I feel sorry for our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. I would feel sorry for her if she had consequences as a result of sticking up for herself against Winston Peters and Shane Jones. But it’s all her own fault there and she’s doing nothing. I would feel sorry for her when her baby daddy Clarke Gayford does something extremely childish. But again it’s all her own fault there as well. I do feel seriously sorry for her with respect to one aspect of her job and that is having to stand regularly next to a signer, something she   has done so since 2018 . It is bad enough she has to stand next to clowns like Grant Robertson, Peters, Jones, Gayford, Phil Twyford, Marama Davidson, Julie Ann Gentner and Poto Williams really. Granted again it was her own fault for agreeing to bring signers in for her post-Cabinet Pressers. It is the height of political correctness that in the year 2020 we must still cater for every section of the

NZ Media Suddenly Don't Want To Profit From Illegally Obtained Emails

Phil Goff's emails have been allegedly "illegally obtained". The "hacker" asked for $20,000 from the NZ Herald to release them, giving waiting journalists a small sample.  Probably enough for them to jizz over if it was say... oh I don't know, Judith Collins. Collins and Goff have held similar portfolios in senior positions in politics with equally sensitive material.  Goff from 2007-19 in Defence and as Leader of the Opposition and the Mayor of Auckland with Collins in Corrections, Police and Justice.  In the case of Collins it was deemed to be in the "public interest" to take these illegally obtained emails and publish them everywhere, out of context and without a chance for her right of reply.  Collins' emails did not number 15,000 and she did not forward them to her own personal account which in itself is prima facie illegal. Goff, a favourite of the NZ Herald, seems to have had not only a heads up, time to get lawyers in

Was Sir Ron Brierley Set Up?

I wrote back at the time that the most interesting occurrence during the post arrest of Sir Ron Brierley was that everyone who had made money from and with Brierley seemed to claim no knowledge of his behaviour. I asked these questions: 1. Who tipped the authorities off in August?  Dirty.....where from? Why?  Motive?  Or was it an Apple shop employee? 2. Why would you possess "child pornography" when it is available online like everything else dirty, for streaming?  Carrying it across a jurisdiction is akin to Shane Jones watching pay per view porn when he should have just logged in to the wifi.  Like taking coal to Newcastle or coke to Colombia? 3. He is 82, who put it on his USB or "external drive"? Because I know of NO 82 year old who even understands what a USB stick or external drive is? For the hundreds of millions of dollars he is worth - who is or was protecting him? People of Sir Ron's wealth and age have an attache, butler or PA.  Moreso in

Winston’s Waitangi Blow Out

Winston Peters surely must have been taking the piss when he accused Simon Bridges of politicising Waitangi Day. Hello. Mr Winston Raymond Plastic-Maori-Peters arise.  Every politician at Waitangi is politicising it. Every single one. From time began. I made a joke on Facebook that no one goes to Waitangi for the hangi. Then I see reports of the Shane Jones BBQ this year and notable righter wing folk at it. The sort that loudly claim in “our” company Jones is a fraud/corrupt/fucking idiot/cock muppet/ need we go on. They are only there for the food and probably their own trough at the PGF. They’re despicable disgusting political traitors. Anyone at the BBQ who wishes to rat out the other “competitors” at it please list them in the comments to be published here.  The Project tonight ran a story with born again Prince of The Woke and Gush Paddy Gower running a story there’s more to Waitangi than the politicians. That’s nice. I hope so. I’m glad that good an