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Collins Passes Her MAGA Hat Moment With Flying Colours

Todd Muller snuffed out his chances leading the National Party when he started explaining and losing as to why he had a red hat in his office.  It was the first warning sign Todd was too woke to lead the National Party. Today JuCo had that moment.  And she shot it dead quickly. Lefties on the tweet machine, attempted to smear her and take her down that rabbit hole, using her husband's Facebook home page.   They chucked racist taunts at Wong-Tung.   The sort that if come from the right are deemed "dirty politics". Juco's response was superb.  She shot back with the bird, a mixture of humour and FU.  Or in New Zealand vernacular for this year we shall call it the "Nabi", after the deliverer of the best victim impact statement in New Zealand legal history. "We've been together for 41 years. I've never been able to get him to do anything I tell him to do so," Collins said. "I've just said to him, well it's not so

"Staying The Course" Means No Level 2 For Auckland on Monday - UPDATE

New Zealand has 11 new community cases of Covid-19. It means there are now 133 cases linked to Auckland cluster and 18 to Mt Roskill "mini-cluster". New Zealand's previous biggest cluster, a Bluff wedding, stood at 98. The Mt Roskill cluster is from a church.  God's will and all. So will the so-called "experts" kick and scream publicly?  Or will they sycophantically now "change their course" to assist Jacinda Ardern and their preferred political leaning?  Aucklanders are over it, there comes fine weather and they're all out today doing what they want. All the spin. All the "communication" All the words telling people to comply. When New Zealand moved from level 3 to level 2 in May there were a string of low digit new cases, in the last outbreak it was 18th April since there were more cases than today. Hello, if consistent with 11 community cases today, there is no way level 2 should be in place on Mond

The Coronavirus Coalition Declares Selective Covid Immunity!

On Monday some of you are going to have to wear face masks. “You can use a face mask if you like but it is not really any protection” @minhealthnz #COVID19nz #nzpol — The Orwellian 🇳🇿 (@TheOrwellianNZ) August 25, 2020 Today the Coronavirus Coalition however declared the following groups of people and times of travel, immune from catching or spreading Covid-19 on public transport and aircraft - • children under 12 (despite previously been told children are dangerous vectors for the virus). • school buses. • charter or group tours. • interisland ferries. • private flights. • By private contractors of air services such as top-dressers. • Passengers of small passenger vehicles, such as taxis and uber. But drivers will be required to wear masks. • People with a disability or physical or mental health condition that makes covering their face unsuitable. • There will be other times when it is not required – such as in an emergency, if unsafe,

The Coronavirus Coalition Experts Speak - Rubbish

“You can use a face mask if you like but it is not really any protection” @minhealthnz #COVID19nz #nzpol — The Orwellian 🇳🇿 (@TheOrwellianNZ) August 25, 2020 So the fountain of all knowledge that is Bloomfield has previously said masks are a waste of time.  Now you will all be wearing them. Explain? Banks needlessly shut down because argh agh argh Bloomfield was not told! Dr Ashley Bloomfield says he rejected an application for banks to be allowed to operate branches in Auckland under alert level 3 because no one told him banks had been allowed to operate under the earlier lockdown. Every frumpy middle aged, middle class New Zealand woman's favourite pin up boy is turning into a bumbling goof-ball.  Yes he has a lot to do, but if he wasn't prancing in front of the camera every day doing Kelvin Davis' job as the #2 in the Labour Party, perhaps he could concentrate on his real job.  One that he coins more than $500,000 to ac

Love And Light To The Hospitality and Tourism Industries

Apparently August is restaurant month. You just cannot read about it.  Just as the poor bastards have some hope it is ripped from their cold hands. Here is the talk from Robbo. How the schemes will work • The new wage subsidy is forecast to cost about $510 million and cover 470,000 jobs. • The criteria for the new wage subsidy are similar to the current extension: In particular, a business must have had, or is predicting to have, a revenue drop due to Covid-19 of at least 40 per cent. For this new scheme, the revenue drop applies for any consecutive period of at least 14 days within 12 August and 14 September compared to last year. • The Treasury also estimates that a number of businesses that weren't able to access the extended wage subsidy before it expires on 1 September will now become eligible to do so. This is expected to cover about 460,000 workers, at $1.1 billion. • The costs are expected to be covered by the previous underspend on the extended wag

Your Business Can Go Under So Simon Wilson Can Get His Coffee

Simon Wilson bored the nation interminably through his ass cancer struggle. Like the cockroach he is, he managed to survive and not only that carry on at the NZ Herald through a round or two of redundancies. He then lapped at the shrine of Princess Cindy when she saved his life from the evils of the Covid, being very immune compromised. Today in what has to be the most audacious column I’ve ever read, he wants cafes open. CAFES. Well he can FRO. The whole REASON New Zealand chose to “stay home save lives” was to help pricks like him have a few more miserable years on the planet spinning for Cindy. He now is pleading for his favourite bourgeoise cafe in Grey Lynn to be allowed to open so the precious fuck can be served his coffee and see at a safe social distance his mates. Seriously? People’s livelihoods are being ruined right now and this obnoxious pious twat wants a coffee. But he isn’t going to advocate for butchers, bakers and candlestick makers to escape the lockd

Bye Bloomfield - Why Ardern Needs To Front Daily On Her Own

New Zealand is now again on the verge of an oppressive lockdown.  Why? All the platitudes and niceties first up need to be re-examined. What is the point of these lockdowns?  If lockdowns actually work then why are people dying in resthome clusters? They are the definition of the tightest of lockdown. If you’re a reader of my blog you will know that from day one I thought these lockdowns all around the world have been outrageous. A hideous breach of freedoms, choice and liberty. As a lawyer I find them repugnant, unbelievably ridiculous and downright illegal and a breach of every civil and political right known to man and woman.   Not one part of me can compute with the return from the overriding breach of fundamental human rights. As an offshore tax and trust lawyer I’m not one to preach for these rights but at the darkest of times the only law that matters are these fundamental laws stopping the state from overreaching. Ones that muppets right now seem

Scott J Defies An Entire Industry Of Political Science

With perhaps the wisest, most honest and enlightening words in an election campaign in years, Stuff commenter ScottJ sums it all up: Imagine how we could just save on the the millions of man and woman hours, trees of analysis, pollsters, punters and experts if we cut to the chase and accepted that this IS politics in 2020. ScottJ has the hammer and hit the nail nicely.    Politics is no more complicated outside the beltway than the above.  Aspire to be the least annoying.

National or Labour?

Sometimes a picture does not tell a thousand words. It tells an entire library of words. I am still contemplating here what was the greatest tragedy. Meanwhile -  Nuwanthie Samarakone is running now officially the best campaign I have seen in my life by a National Party candidate for anything. I wrote about this the other day. She's given Shayne Currie the opportunity to publish a headline that mentions 1. The National Party 2. A female 3. A QC 4. Allegations she is a Stripper Chloe and Helen have not got a chance, Nuwanthie is running this campaign without a billboard of her in sight.  Nothing says brilliant than as a female and ethnic minority  in the community, hiring the oldest, whitest, most establishment bloke to beat the opposition with!   A letter written by Miles said: "The campaign even suggests she has been a stripper coupled with the clear, and vicious, imputation she has been involved in some sex scandal and likely to

UPDATED - Hooton Should Be Benched For The Rest Of The Campaign

The case of Matthew Hooton gets more curious by the minute. He is back as a columnist for NZ Herald now? Really.   Hooton is a premier columnist and is one of the very best political commentators in New Zealand.  Primarily the reason for this, is that apart from his ability to write like a filthy little bitch of an angel, he's on the payroll for all manner of political interests from unions, corporates and at some point if not paid for in dollars, in favours from mates, to plot coups.   Apparently according to the Herald, he was Todd Muller's speechwriter.  No one I know on the centre-right actually knew his role in Wellington.  If he wrote the speeches it means he had one good day at the office for Muller's excellent first speech followed by 52 very bad days of absolute calamity. For a metaphor for his time in Wellington we need not look past Beirut. Quite timely as it is only a matter of moments before his Move The Ports campaign, probably through the gol

A Campaign So Good She Should Be On The National Party Committee

I have seen the events unfolding today with respect to the Auckland Central National Party prospective Candidate Nuwanthie Samarakone. Samarakone is currently running a selection campaign so superbly that she should be co-opted immediately into the strategy team.  Nothing I have seen from the National Party in years has been this brilliant.  With Hooton gone from the team, nothing he has done in the last two months has been as brilliant as this play. 1. Pique interest of veteran underemployed elderly white male Richard Harman through a "Party connection" who sends him your FB photo.  2. Harman runs a story publishing graceful shots of yourself in competitive poses when you were it a fitness competition. 3. Have twitterati all in a flutter slamming any white male such as Sean Plunket who even dares mention this. 4. Release the boldest statement to come from a National candidate in weeks. I have bolded the best hits because in each she is giving a middle finger

The End Of Days Comes When The Germans Are Leading The Fight To Freedom

World leaders are proving incompetent for every reason imaginable.  All of them. Covid-19 is everywhere, it is a virus, yes some people will die and it is sad. But for the future of the human race we now have to give up fighting a nonsense battle and get on with our lives.  We cannot wait years for a vaccine.  This bullshit of locking everyone up has to end. NOW. If locking people down worked old people wouldn’t be dying in rest homes, governments would not want to be releasing prisoners! If you are a scared petal, stay at home.  Lockdowns are irreparably destroying lives, tormenting the elderly and children. I am in a country right now that has "zero" community transmission, it is "covid-free" and we do not have to mask up, we have all the freedoms.  And yet - no mates to play with as the borders are shut. People's partners cannot join them, tourists cannot come in, locals cannot be re-united with loved ones.  It is as miserable as one can imagin