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Woke Blacks Back The Wrong Horse

While watching the Woke Blacks fine win over the Argentina B- team this last weekend I had a brief moment of reflection as Sam Cane placed a Maradona 10 jersey over thick white lines on the field. Everyone with zero historical knowledge of football (soccer) and rugby jumped on social media to say how classy the gesture was. The rest of us with some institutional knowledge didn't need to even think whose dumb and dangerous idea this was.  Yes, TJ "pimp my brand" Perenara.  Of course it bloody was. All Blacks captain Sam Cane says the heartfelt gesture made to late football legend Diego Maradona and Argentina before his side's Test against the Pumas on Saturday came from halfback TJ Perenara. A jump in from the King of Idiot Gestures for his "brand" - SBW Maradona was a coke binging, womanising, racist self-confessed sporting cheat.   Nothing wrong with that from my perspective because he was a very good soccer player (not the best ever player as he is deifie

Can We Not Let More Saffas Into New Zealand?

For those of us Cricket tragics today was an incredible day. The West Indies are a very good T20 side.  They are the current T20 World Champions.  Even sans Car....los Braith.......waite. Today our boys (inspite of Tim Southee not because of him) gave them another hiding.  But more importantly we have found two new great white hopes in Glenn Phillips and Devon Conway. These boys hit it off any scale. Both born in South Africa.  Both fucking incredible. Grant Elliott started this trend and won himself cult status launching the best shot ever at Eden Park to stick us into the World Cup Final.  I am sure I will remember that moment til the day I die from the stands.  I do not wish to remember anything at the G a week later. Phillips is so dedicated to winning that with two balls to go in our innings he dislocated his knee (again) yelping in magony (male agony)  that made me wish to vomit from afar. His performance today was worthy of a Dan Carter v Lions it was that complete. A Richie McC

Bloomfield Needs To Declare Death To The Platter

The latest casual food trends of the world make me despair at times.  I do not get them.  I have just got over the serving of food in fine dining restaurants with cutlery that does not sit flat and steaks on chopping boards. Faced with yet another New Zealand influencer trying to flog platters for underemployed hospo peeps, I feel I have to act. They are getting away with it on the nonsense idea they are helping out all the small businesses going down the gurgles in New Zealand once the wage subsidies are lifted.  In the same way every New Zealander waxed lyrically when the country had tourists that they were an ambassador worthy of praise for helping take cash off them. The platter ladies and gentlemen is NOT food.  It is not art.  It is not grand creative presentation and it is not pretty.  Just one today was served at a birthday party with boxer Joseph Parker in attendance with some men who measure their body fat in micro percentages and bulk their muscle gains in proteins not large

Mallard Deals To Maori Party Clowns At Their Own Special Circus

  The signs were always there that the Maori Party were going to make a mockery of Parliament, just have a look at the headwear.  How would they like it if Pakeha sent along circus clowns to a Marae for a ceremony waving a blunt weapon?  Well they have managed the equivalent here. What was absolutely disgraceful was the conduct of Tweedle dumb and dumber here.  Of course it was a race issue......not. Ngarewa Packer said this was "yet another example of the Māori voice being silenced and ignored". "We have walked out of the House to enable us to talk directly to our people about our vision and kaupapa as Te Pāti Māori," she said. They have got two MP's, not 22. They didn't like their seating. Whinge. Didn't want to follow the rules regarding speaking.  Whinge. Racism. They don't like the oath..... racism. No, Mallard was just following the orders and rules of Parliament and sat them down on their asses.  I am sure he had previously given instructions

The Case For User Pays Vaccines

I am not anti-vax.  But as someone from the "wrong" age bracket, who has paid a hell of a lot to have a healthy lifestyle and be that way.   I am now told I will be last in a queue for the bloody thing because I am not woke, hopeless, diabetic or sucking off the public health tit. Now airlines are saying no vaccine no travel. Cool.  They have got together as a cartel and decided this. The entire year of travel 2020 has been shagged to "save the world" and now Minister Hipkins is saying having a vaccine will not protect others so we still need to quarantine? The people MOST likely to need to travel for work are the last line in an egalitarian queue for the bloody thing.  You are going to vaccinate all the hapless fatties and idiots and pathetic hypochondriacs who spend nothing on overseas travel and tourism. Those types that channel their weaknesses and failures in life on their children who then cannot even decide on their gender. I have an insurance policy at massi

Circle Jerk Alert - Reserve Bank And Robbo In A&E With Sore Wrists

When did Robbo and Broken Orr come up with this charade?  Over what alcohol? How any business commentator can take this seriously is beyond me. Interest rates will remain low.... QE will continue... The only thing the RBNZ can do is put in place higher LTVs.   All to protect Labour from electoral ruin if house prices start tumbling....10...20.....30....40%.....50%..... But we have to be seen to be doing something.....don't we...... Love Adrian. 24 November 2020 Hon Grant Robertson Minister of Finance Parliament WELLINGTON Dear Minister Thank you for your letter received 24 November 2020 seeking our views on ways we can work together to address your concerns regarding rising house prices. We welcome the opportunity to contribute to your work programme aimed at improving housing affordability. As I’ve said publicly on many occasions, monetary and financial regulatory policy alone cannot address this challenge. There are many long-term, structural issues at play. I acknowledge that yo

Chris Luxon And Anne Salmond.....Can We Stop Here Nats!!!

I know it is National Party Conference weekend. It is an important weekend. We have all been told on thee centre right that "Chris Luxon" is our new white hope. I could buy this until today.  I was happy if he could lead the centre right to victory then let the boy roll Crusher. Words fail me "Chris". I can ignore the religious crappy trappy.  I do not care about fairies at the bottom of anyones garden. I can never forgive you not only being a "friend" but her being a "mentor" of yourself. I am astonished that anyone on the centre right would even cut paste ANNE SALMOND in a favourable light. Anne FUCKING Salmond. NOOOOOO. I would rather have Friday Happy Hours in a bar in Kingsland with Helen Fucking Clark. More to come but I know right now National party peeps are circulating with this guy at their conference. DO NOT. How embarrassing and weak is it to admit as an adult you even have a mentor let alone Anne Salmond. I am lost for words. Please

Mahuta V China

I have to say I am going to enjoy Nanaia Mahuta and her infamous word soup dealing it to the Chinese Mainland if this is the start of things to come. Bring the popcorn.   This could be a magnificent plot by Cindy to confuse the Chinese into submission. In response, a China foreign ministry spokesperson said "it doesn't matter whether they have five eyes or 10; if they dare to damage China's sovereignty, security and development, they should be careful or their eyes will be plucked out". Mahuta's response to ones ceremonial Maori head being cleaned out? Mahuta stressed that New Zealand has a respectful relationship with China that is "maturing".  "The mature relationship enables us to understand what we are very clear about in terms of values and principles - New Zealand's been very consistent on that front," Mahuta said. What The  Fuck? Perhaps she has taken this time she has refused all interviews with serious media, to read The Art of War

Abuse Of Children IS Just More Disgusting When Women Do It

  Fortunately this is a Judge only trial as it is the most stomach churning read in years .  Poor Justice Matthew Muir has to sit through this garbage and rule on a piece of utter trash. The twist in the trial came after videos and still photographs of alleged sexual abuse were shown in court. Earlier in the day, the mother of the three-year-old victim gave evidence. Williams admitted to violating the little girl on several occasions, including in her bedroom, and filmed the abuse. I do not know why it is but when women do it, it just makes the churn even more disgusting.  The male (Williams) in this case has already plead guilty. For people to be this revolting one never wishes to know what has been dealt to them in the past to make them like this.  The mother of the three year old just gave evidence. Justice Muir needs to do the decent thing and lock them up the maximum possible time with minimal chance of parole.

All Blacks Don't Know As Much About Politics As They Think

 Should stay off social media commenting about it and just play rugby. All Blacks halfback TJ Perenara has once again used his platform to stand up for social justice, throwing his support behind the Black Lives Matter movement while warning racism is a problem New Zealand still has to tackle. More to come......

"Bring Back Manly Men" - Candace Owens

Thank heavens there is someone out there willing to confront feminists who have floated the nonsense that is "toxic masculinity".  No such thing exists. There is nothing toxic about masculinity.  Unless the masculinity is one that abuses women emotionally or physically.  You could say the same about "toxic feminism".  Nothing wrong or unhealthy with feminism unless it emotionally or physically abuses men. Harry Styles is clearly bisexual so not the best example for her to use, however the point remains. The problem with the cucking of men that goes on these days by women, is that women are having to end up doing the job of men.  It is exhausting to do everything.  Let men do things that men are naturally better than women at.  Men are stronger than women physically thanks to testosterone. Let them use it.  Men are happier when they are achieving something. Let them do it, let them lift heavy stuff women cannot.  Men need a purpose far more than women do. Let them f

Covid Tests in NZ v Covid Tests in MIQ

Right so the whole building of slum social housing, Chinese students and immigration scam personnel in Vincent Street has been tested and they can “return to normal”. All residents at the new apartment block at 106 Vincent St - which only opened in June - have been asked to isolate and get a Covid-19 test. Most have returned negative results however one "weak positive" result was announced today. But if I fly back to NZ from a country with zero community cases I am tested on day 3 and 12. Test negative and.... still need 14 days in the proverbial shit house treated like a colony leper? Yeah Nah Ashley Bloomfield. Explain? You’re either trusting the testing kits or not. What is it?  Why are the Vincent Street tenants not held as returnees are to New Zealand, for 14 days in their apartments unable to leave so the incubation period can pass? Why do thee Bloomfield trust these tests for the immigration scam/student/Chinese slave labour/sex trade personnel, but not for New Zealand

The New Zealand Wokeby Union Hits A New Low - Hairdryer To The Players

Alarm bells rang for me in the 57th minute.  A fluffy made-for-camera female sideline commentator possibly never to have kicked a rugby ball in anger*, informed us that a 120kg Polynesian prop has just returned from paternity leave.  She had glee in her voice.  Is this what male rugby has come to in New Zealand?  Seriously?  If it is not enough to have to listen to the grunting build up from oh too familiar mates requiring subtitles.   This is followed by pithy after-matc h fan girl interviews that do not get to the point as no one asks any hard questions.   I do not care how Sam Cane "feels".  I care that he cares that for the first time in history the All Blacks have lost to Argentina and the abject shame that should be attached to that.  I did not get that feeling at all.  WWRD - What Would Richie Do? He would not have been able to look at the camera. "They probably brought more intensity," said All Blacks captain Sam Cane. "Their defence was outstanding.  &

Tikanga Only When It Suits - "The Vibe" Strikes Out On Peter Ellis

I posted in November last year about the curious case of activist Justice Joe Williams doing the job of Peter Ellis' legal team and suggesting from the Bench that a "Tikanga" approach to the law could be followed in the Peter Ellis case. Rather predictably, Maori lawyers, consultants and witch doctors in general, sensing yet another gravy train to ride on, jumped all over this. They moulded the case of an unusual white middle aged male, to advance their cause to take over the common law in New Zealand or as most solely refer to the country now - Aotearoa.   Natalie Coates just a month ago argued successfully to the Supreme Wokests on the Bench and when questioned in media she explained her sorcery as such: "So that was one of the strong concepts that we drew upon in the Ellis case, but also those ideas that when there's been a hara or wrong committed there's a need for there to be a state of air or rebalancing or rewriting . And in this particular case Mr El

Rodney Hide On Leighton Smith Podcast

Every Wednesday Leighton Smith churns out an extended podcast with guests. This week's guest is Rodney Hide having a chat about what he thinks of these weird current snowflake times. Rodney includes his opinion and extended background and reasoning as to why Jacinda Ardern is the worst Prime Minister in the history of New Zealand. The podcast is not particularly political it is more Leighton and Rodney discussing the importance of debate and thought in the year 2020.

Cindy Cancels Christmas - But We Knew This Didn't We?

Oh shock horror, Labour have actually done what they said they would do and cancelled Christmas for many returning or intended to be returning New Zealanders. I spent hours writing about this for months, we knew it was coming right down to the voucher system.  The problem is and where Jacinda Ardern in one of her hundreds of media spots is to blame is that she REFUSED to front during the election campaign and tell the truth - quarantine spots were going to be limited and book early.  The campaign was relatively low key in telling us overseas about this however if you had even half your wits about you, then you would know to read the fine print in the Embassy emails and work it out yourself. It really is natural selection if you did not.  From November you would need a voucher.  This was not perhaps clear enough for people who booked their flights earlier and have assumed the system would synch with the airlines and have the pre-booked persons as first priority. The media between now a

Even The Best Creative Writers Fail To Polish The Turd That Is Identity Politics

Fran O'Sullivan attempted to polish the turd that is Nanaia Mahuta's appointment and other "dances for diversity" in the horse trading for spots on the starting line in the Labour Cabinet.  With her interests in Foreign Affairs, offshore travel and media junketeering I was intrigued as to how she would craft such an attempt at a defence in a diplomatic fashion.  It was a pretty good effort, I give it a solid 8/10 in composition covering all the bases.  However compared to young Heather du Plessis-Allan's comparative instantaneous "you cannot be serious", a 10/10 in rat cunning.  The far left and luvvies will congratulate O'Sullivan for it.  Maori, who are now rushing to defend Mahuta as some sort of quiet genius and anyone who questions her appointment is quickly framed as a blinding white supremacist, will view it as an embrace by a boomer white establishment commentator.  They should not.  Let me count the ways as I stick a hard reverse spin cycle

Lord Sumption - The Covid Intellectual Hero and Expert

There are not many people I actually respect but in times of crisis cometh the moment cometh (usually) the man. While the snowflake champion was the now deceased Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who was great and I have the tee shirt but until they made movies about her let’s face it - no one on Twitter had fucking heard of her), they overlook in their immortalising of legal characters the true intellectual giants. Lord Sumption is one.  Not only is he a true liberal, from a male championing women swimmingly, he’s still young and vibrant enough at 71 and uniquely still married to his first wife, to call what bullshit these lockdowns and response to the non-crisis that Covid-19 should be to the western world. I’ve accidentally sat next to them both at a private members function in London and it was the intellectually best night of my life. If I was fined a pound for every word I has never said so little.  It takes usually a very excellent Blanc de Blancs and a Montecristo 2 for me to