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Auckland - It Will Be Nice When It Is Finished

Nikki Kaye has clearly been away all summer and having just returned to Auckland CBD has seen what a clusterfuck it is. The whole CBD appears to now not be run by the Supercity or politicians but road cones and the village idiots who police them.  Those of us here over summer have suffered the indignity of disruption for a month now.  I am not talking about drivers, I am talking about just walking around Greta Thunberg low emission style. I spend a reasonable amount of time per year in Sydney so over the years have suffered the George Street debacle as they put in the slow speed trams.  I feel for the poor retailers on Albert Street for the same reasons.  The difference of course is that this is what the Keepers of the Cones look like in Sydney .  Many are students or at least persons of above average intellect and appearance.  I can offer the comparison as someone suitably qualified.  Also as a female I can do this in a way that I cannot be accused of sexism. These are th

Westpac Doing The Humane Thing

Westpac is showing the lead and giving its computer geeks the opportunity to escape New Zealand's shittiest city and is humanely relocating them to Auckland. While there may be some conjecture about what is New Zealand's second largest city, there is no doubt what the shittiest city is.  Wellington wins by a mile. It bemuses me why anyone would wish to live in Wellington as it is a total and utter shithole.  Some of the people are great and I am not having a go at Wellingtonians specifically, it is just their city is a living, barely breathing shithole.  Most of the reasons they cannot avoid. Surely the only excuse for living in Wellington is that it is where you must work. There cannot be any other.  I feel sorry that people are forced to live there. Quite apart from being under the constant threat of complete obliteration the next time there is a massive earthquake, the weather is utterly appalling most of the time.  "You can't beat Wellington o