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The Bachelorette Does The Impossible - The LGBTI Guy Is Already The Biggest Liar

The latest Bachelorette is an intelligent and very attractive woman rolling in a deep sea of average.  I would call her very intelligent, but she cannot be so as she has put herself on this TV show. The show and its whole concept is dreadful but no one should be watching reality TV for the intelligent deep thinking. Jewellery salesman George’s life motto is “do it before you lose it”, and this experience is no different for him! Now we find out that something the babe does not yet, George is bisexual.  He seems to want to do it all before his cock drops off. I have no problem with men being bisexual, they probably make great friends.  I don't think I have any of course as none have told me, but I don't feel the need to know this fact as they are friends.  I do think however as a woman dating or shagging one it is pertinent this fact is disclosed to you before making such a decision to date or shag one.  The betrayal would be far worse than finding out they vo