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Name Suppression At Its Finest

Name suppression is something non-lawyers never understand and lawyers sometimes have trouble explaining. I can only explain where it is in this case laughable. So in a case where an MP (#1) has loudly and publicly accused another MP (#2) of breaking the law and at his own instigation forced the SFO to investigate, there have been charges laid against four people. The SFO came out publicly and released this information. #2 as he has legal training,   did not stuff around asking his army of taxpayer paid communications people for advice and immediately and quite brilliantly came out and said he had not been charged or anyone still associated with him. The National Party and its officers appear completely in the clear and they have not used the $100k donation. They want to know how to give it back without breaking the law. Probably not an easy task given it now probably meets the definition of proceeds of (suspected) crime. National leader Simon Bridges s

Huawei Is An Arm Of The Chinese State

Because it just bloody well is and anyone  bending over to the Chinese in New Zealand that it is not, is directly or indirectly on the Mainland government payroll. ENDS.