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Feeling Sorry For Our Prime Minister

Occasionally I have a weak moment in life when I feel sorry for our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. I would feel sorry for her if she had consequences as a result of sticking up for herself against Winston Peters and Shane Jones. But it’s all her own fault there and she’s doing nothing. I would feel sorry for her when her baby daddy Clarke Gayford does something extremely childish. But again it’s all her own fault there as well. I do feel seriously sorry for her with respect to one aspect of her job and that is having to stand regularly next to a signer, something she   has done so since 2018 . It is bad enough she has to stand next to clowns like Grant Robertson, Peters, Jones, Gayford, Phil Twyford, Marama Davidson, Julie Ann Gentner and Poto Williams really. Granted again it was her own fault for agreeing to bring signers in for her post-Cabinet Pressers. It is the height of political correctness that in the year 2020 we must still cater for every section of the