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A lawyer goes to a social function and feminists lose their minds. A former Russell McVeagh partner under investigation for his role in the firm's #Metoo controversy went to a birthday bash for the Law Society - all while it is investigating him. So what? The man attended the $165-a-head New Zealand Law Society and Wellington Branch 150th Anniversary Commemorative Dinner at Te Papa late in 2019. The event was by registration rather than invitation. This registration was seemingly unquestioned. The event was arranged by the Wellington branch of the Law Society. And why would it be questioned?   A trusted source, who was at the event, said people there were "deeply uncomfortable", "upset", and "disappointed", especially when a speech was made at the event directly alluding to the sexual misconduct issues that had stained the profession. "Trusted source"? That would be a member of the neo-World order of Witches?  One wi