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Golriz And The Green's Big List Problem

So Golriz Ghahraman has MS. This is terrible news for her. I would like to be benevolent and say I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. But I can’t lie, I would.  GG isn’t the worst enemy even of the centre right in politics let alone myself however, so I wish her well in managing the disease.  Her backstory is so bloody ridiculous and questionable that most right minded people dismiss her as a necessary evil. Long may she present to as many swinging voters as possible.  But let us be practical and pretend she’s not embellishing her life to date because no one is dumb enough to fake an illness like this, so I believe it all to be true and she has MS. I am just suspicious of the timing of her announcement.  The Green Party has a huge dilemma.  And may have had a lot to do with the timing of her announcement considering people close to her (in other words the mouthy media she is a darling of) have known this for two years. No one can keep a secret like this about