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"Don't Panic" - Businesses Already Have Their Noses Near The Trough

Two words that of course put everyone within earshot of total panic. As reports of toilet paper shortages are spread worldwide, the whole world seems to have sprung into total panic mode.  All over a few sniffs and snuffles. If we ever get into real shortages in toilet paper there is only one thing you will need to survive and Jacinda Ardern has gone and taken them all off you.   Yes the doomsday scenario is why a lot of people really owned a gun in the first place. To protect themselves and their loved ones.  Within the year they seem entirely justified as they can now only arm themselves with dunny paper.   Seriously human beings left in control of themselves go out and do whatever the herd is doing and currently the herd is buying up dunny paper, hand sanitisers and masks (none that will protect them) and low level medicines such as Nurofen from the supermarket.  Again, proven not to do a hell of a lot. People have been established as leppers just for trav