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Hoarders Are Scum

Hard not to agree with this chap, newly expectant father. Turns out it wasn't the onset of labour, but we thought we were short a few small supplies - hand sanitiser, baby wipes, disinfectant wipes and a few cleaning products. Basic stuff that makes life easier with a new baby. So I went to the supermarket to stock up. Except you can't buy these things in New Zealand at the moment. They are, or were, available in abundance, but since the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus was announced over a week ago people have been stockpiling them. There is also a herd mentality, if everyone else is panic-buying then maybe you should too. Like the virus that mentality spreads quickly from person to person. But most alarmingly it seems to be driven by a basic human desire to look out for yourself and screw everybody else. It is selfish shopping and is unnecessary.   A sensible reaction to the virus would be share out the products, such as hand sanitiser, that will help us curtail its sp