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Viva La Revolution California - The World Is Watching

The moment has come. When have we become so afraid of death that we have become afraid to actually live?   Because it is happening right now all across the world. It is time for Americans and the great State of California to step up, lead the way and fight for the rights and freedoms that we all cherish. The Mainland Chinese have got through Coronavirus because the people are used to in their history, not having rights and freedoms, so it is not an adjustment for their mindset.  They are also I suspect lying about being "cured" suddenly and the slowdown or flattening of their curve.  Let them into the wild of the world again to buy assets now at bottom dollar prices, and there will be a second and third wave of spreading this.  The virus was contained we are told at least in terms of mass death to Hubei Province, Guangdong and Zhejiang.  Restricting the movement of people should only make us realise how important it is to us.  The right to go and me