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Quarantining When You Are Rich vs Poor

Right now the white panic has called for instant level 4 quarantine style lockdowns.   One of the leading proponents in New Zealand is last weeks co-Wanker of The Week , Anna Mowbray, billionaire Chinese toymaker. Here is Anna enjoying her self-isolation in what looks like the former Kim Dot Com mansion grounds they now own. It seems - with her children! (who I won't post a picture of) The rich have all prepared, stockpiled and have decided on their selection of homes including beach houses, in which best to hunker down and stay away when the inevitable happens.  They want it to happen sooner than later of course and do not mind being away weeks even months.  Which is fine. But imagine quarantine style lockdowns here in a studio flat in Auckland.  For an indefinite time.   This is why Italian style has to be the last resort.   The mental health concerns of shutting people away in tiny homes and apartments has to be greater in my

Viva La Revolution - Te Whānau-ā-Apanui!!!

This made my day and I announce Rawiri Waititi as the Leader of the Revolution against this  batshit crazy lockdown. "The evidence that we have in regards to the impact that the influenza had on our people in 1918 and what we're trying to do is mitigate the risk of that happening again," says iwi leader Rawiri Waititi. "It had catastrophic implications on our people." The iwi is terrified the worst could happen if COVID-19 spreads to their community. They plan to shut off State Highway 35, only allowing access for residents. Police have issued a statement saying: "We know the community is very concerned about COVID-19, but this is illegal." The Prime Minister preferring to stress the risks that every community is running. But her message was listen to the advice from health authorities, and do not panic. " Just think about your grandparents, think about someone in your family group or friendship group who might have compromised im

Mary Holm - You're Fired

We are not even in the middle of the largest economic crisis in human history and The NZ Herald pumps out this headline: I have already been in trouble today after a call on car speakerphone where it appears my four year old niece has learned the f word from me (more inevitable than her catching Coronavirus). But FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Any banker and I repeat, writing new lending to homeowners, especially first home buyers for the last year needs to be in jail for misusing trusting depositors.  Any person pumping first home buyers right now to go buy that home they have always aspired to get, is batshit crazy and should be in the cell next to them.  The banks should be focusing on picking winners and supporting them with finance at this point in the commercial lending side. Here is what Mary should have advised. COMMENT: Q: My husband and I were planning to buy our first home in Auckland this year before plans to have a baby. We are using a broker, have pre-approval