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Self Isolation Guide - "Cometh The Hour - Cometh The Self-Isolation"

I spend a very large percentage of  my time in this state as I travel around the world.  I have done so since I left New Zealand in 2003.  I have lived in many far flung places, few you would know without a Google Map. I have also spent months on end in fitness camps doing the same thing every day for months on end.  You are either good at this and you are an Island, or you are not.  I am exceptionally good and I say that with complete humility. If you are not as you have had people and support systems around you all your life, you are suddenly going to have to get used to it. About the only funny story I have is a friend had a terrible marriage and separated and moved out two weeks ago.  She is now in absolute ecstasy.  There will be many however who wish they were in the same boat at the thought of at least a month of this actually spending 24/7 with their partners and freaked out grumpy kids on top. Here are my tips: 1. Get a routine - do the same thing at the

When Leo Molloy Has To Police Your Laws You Know Something Is Wrong

Eccentric bar mogul and often Agent Provocateur, Leo Molloy runs a bar and restaurant in Auckland called Headquarters.  It is not everyone's cup of tea and I suggest only turning left around and then right at the top of the stairs to avoid the west HQ which is at times a bogan zoo.  But those who like it love it.  It has an excellent sense of community and the staff are all wonderful even when they can get a bit scratchy. Anyway, behind all the self-brand management he is a G.C and loves New Zealand and his punters. So when his protests at shutting down Auckland were in vain he decided to play Policeman and tell the punters what is really happening in Auckland right now and how hypocritical and bloody useless the enforcement of laws has become. If you really think tourists are going to self-isolate, you're dreaming.  You always were dreaming.  Sit in a hotel room for 14 days? Come on. The only countries who have successfully managed this have been ones who prov