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Dear Leader's Best Line So Far

Jacinda Ardern had a cracker for the Nation today as some men and women face the most difficult time in their lives to date.  Nothing to do really with getting sick or losing their jobs, something far more horrid to ever think would happen: Actually having to stay at home 24/7.... With only each other ...... For a month.......   Maybe shock horror........ even with the kids. Here Dear Leader sounds like a marriage celebrant more than a PM: "If you live alone, but you have one person you have contact with it needs to be just that. A person you stay faithful to and they stay faithful to you in turn. If you have multiple contacts with others that is where the risk increases. " And she delivered it with such a dulcet understanding tone. Sounds also alot like an ad in the 80's for HIV when that was spreading. Of course none of that makes sense.  How can you live alone and have contact with another person unless they live alone and do not see anyone els