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When Will The NZ Borders Open Again? Sir David Skegg All But Said A Year

So now you are all “safely” tucked up in your blankies in "lockdown" in New Zealand (or whatever you call it), with the first month planned out for you all, has anyone contemplated with some critical thinking -  When will this all end? a) locking you in your homes b) locking New Zealand's borders c) What are the KPI's and targets for a) and b) to be lifted? Because there is no point locking the borders, eradicating "the virus", to then have "the virus" re-emerge and infect people who have been in "bubbles" is it? Winston Peters kindly and then very forcefully asked then directly told 80,000 New Zealanders overseas to all return home.  At once. That act alone has probably added weeks even months to the eradication process given the new cases coming in on planes.  That and it still seems that the focus for testing is on travellers but never at the border. The nicest and kindest thing you could do as a patriotic