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The NZ Media Need To Cease To Be The Propaganda Wing Of "Coalition Coronavirus"

There has NEVER in the history of New Zealand been a more crucial time to have a proper fourth estate. And to date we have yet to have one.  They have as a collective panicked, conformed and fallen in line in group think.  There has been zero critical thinking as they have huddled into their bubbles.  They need to harden the f*** up, stand up and apply some critical thinking into the situation we are now in.  Stop gushing at how exciting it is and how it is unprecedented, and actually look at how horrific it is in terms of the unfettered powers that politicians in western democracies worldwide now have regardless of their colours red, white or blue. It is quite clear that senior members have been given the wink, wink, nudge, nudge and privy to all sorts of information and mechanisms behind the scenes of Coalition Coronavirus.  Reprisals and threats by some have been made that businesses better behave else we will hunt you down later.  It is horrid vigilante stuff.  Numbers

So Why Aren't The Public Sector Workers On Your $585.50 a Week?

Right now the private sector in New Zealand is having to take one up the right chook.  They wish to keep trading but a government state of emergency has been declared saying they cannot.  The government has decided their customers cannot come out and they cannot open.  There is nothing capitalist or free market about this decision.  Everyone would prefer to keep coming to work and keep trading with freedom of movement. To say "we are all socialists now" is a disgusting and desperate grab for political points and a massive own-goal as the very reason everyone needs to be effectively on welfare is that the State has stepped in and told business they cannot trade and workers they cannot work, people that they have no freedom to travel and trade and associate.  If everyone now is a socialist then they need to own the fact we have years of misery ahead if truly down this track. People currently not able to work, on home detention, all with uncertain futures, are