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If You Love New Zealand - Just Stay The F*** Away

The second it was obvious that the "Coronavirus Coalition" was hell bent on closing the borders, every New Zealander overseas (and Winston Peters claimed there were 80,000) should not have rushed home. They should have decided right then and there, put your big girl or boy pants on, hit Air bnb and ignore Winston and stayed the f*** away.   Winston should have instead run a "It Is Ok To Stay The F*** Away" campaign, and even paid per person for people to do that.  It would have been cheaper than keeping the country in lockdown longer than necessary. It is not like the world is lacking in cheap accommodation options at present!  I did not fly back to partake in this ridiculous science and medical experiment.  First up I did not wish to be stuck in New Zealand for the next six months that it looks as though you may be at least, but also, I did not need to - so why use a seat up that someone who desperately needed to get back, could take.  I have not spent