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Everyone Non-Essential In The Public Sector Needs To Take A 30% Paycut

The Coronavirus Coalition needs to get serious about distribution of the pain of (in my view) this ridiculous social, medical and economic experiment of shutting borders into New Zealand and sticking you all on home detention for "four" weeks. What they have effectively done is shut down the private sector in New Zealand with a few exceptions, and given their non-essential mates in the public sector (who are not essential and still hard at work in offices doing stuff), at least a four week paid vacation with total job security to date, at the end.   Who pays for this? That is right - the very people in the private sector the government has told cannot open for business. I don't care about the circumstances of this alleged crisis worldwide, if you as a government and a country tell private sector businesses they cannot operate for a period of time and close the borders so they effectively lose businesses and livelihoods overnight, you have to not only