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Day 8 And Still No Sign Of The Public Sector Taking Pay Cuts

Now the media have come out of their collective coma realising that the economics of this shutdown are far more costly than any loss of life, rumblings are afoot.  They are pissed off. Many have lived for years churning out the same crap every week, picking up the same pay check a week, and now find themselves in positions of being made redundant or having to take massive pay cuts to "get us through" because "we are all in this together". But we are not. Slowly the worm has not only turned it is charging hard. The media have suspected they would, and have had cuts for years.  They have lived with the threats of the axe over their heads but have struggled on either as freelancers or with jobs for life.  It has been a slow and nasty bleed for them all. Now they have finally worked out it is all completely out of their control. Without an economy there is no need for advertising and advertising is what pays them. A few have even worked ou

Where Oh Where Is Our Chief Justice Winkelmann In This Time Of Crisis?

New Zealand is in a State of Emergency elongated now into its second week.  Its regular residents  and others unlucky enough to have done what Winston said and get home, are all on home detention for a month (maybe and very likely longer) unable to work and save their now failing businesses, Parliament effectively is not operating and bloody Hone Harawira is out standing at a roadblock pretending he is lawful authority to police on a highway who passes and take their temperature. So what of and where are our leading legal minds? Chief Justice Helen Winkelmann of the Supreme Court (our highest) gets herself involved in all sorts of activist causes in the pursuit of justice, liberty and freedoms.  S he has even let entertain the concept that law could possibly be a "vibe".   She frequently speaks out about such matters. So far publicly she has put comment out  Chief Justice Dame Helen Winkelmann saying the rule of law and civil rights and liberties need b

We Must Accept WHO Cannot Run A Piss Up In A Brewery

They have one job the World Health Organisation.  ONE job. I really wish people would apply a bit of common sense here. If Coronavirus is so deadly, so terrible and so contagious - then it naturally follows that governments should also be advising us via WHO to wear a fucking mask.  Yes they may not stop the spread of the virus completely but you cannot tell me they would not have some impact on contracting and spreading the virus around. Speaking at a Chatham House briefing on Wednesday, Prof David Heymann, an infectious disease expert who led the global response to the SARS outbreak, said that new evidence from Hong Kong had prompted a reconsideration of the role of face masks. “The WHO is debating that tomorrow to understand if there is evidence that would call for a change in what WHO is recommending,” he said. The only reason I suppose that WHO recommended we didn't wear them was because they knew there were not enough to go around once medics and first resp